Himshree Foods was established in 1981 in Pokhara, Nepal; where Rara noodle is the first noodle that was manufactured in the SAARC nations. Since then this noodle has been staying as a one of the favorite white noodles amongst people in and out of the nation. Himshree is the only manufacturer for the white noodles within the nation; Himshree was able to achieve a Barcelona Food Award, 1986.

Himshree foods was first structured with two manufacturing factories- Everest and Gandaki. Later on giving the continuation to the noodles Himshree started manufacturing stick noodles as well. Since the first instant noodle Rara was liked by huge range of population, therefore Himshree started to manufacture brown noodles: Aaha, Aaha 50, A-One and Fewa. These brown noodles are available in different seasonings such as vegetable, chicken and mutton. Himshree owns white noodles named Rara and Himali, Brown noodles named Asha, A-one, Sara, Oho, Rupa, Fewa and Majjako and Snacks named Hattori.

Himshree always focuses on providing the standard quality product to its valued customers. For maintaining the continuation of the standard of the product Himshree has imported a manufacturing machine from Sujuki Company, thus this machine is capable for producing 10,000 units/day. Himshree passes its manufactured food through a laboratory test to qualify as a production of Himshree following the ISO 9001:2000 in order to produce eco friendly products. Himshree not only limits its quality in food but also in its packaging. Himshree prioritize on a well packaging for the food it manufactures, so it imports the packaging plastic from Switzerland which helps making the noodles edible for 9 months from the date of manufacture.